RM-200SF Fireman's Microphone
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The RM-200SF is a Fireman's Microphone of the matrix system. It is equipped with an Emergency key, permitting it to be used as a remote microphone for emergency broadcast. Zone selection and microphone announcement can be made at the time of emergency broadcast. It offers a surveillance function to detect failures including microphone element failure. The RM-200SF has three function keys that can be set as individual or group selection keys, and each key is linked with the corresponding two indicators. Connecting the optional RM-210 Extension units to the RM-200SF expands the number of function keys and indicators in blocks of ten.


* 0 dB = 1 V
Power Source 24 V DC (operating range: 15 - 40 V DC, supplied from the audio input unit)
Current Consumption 240 mA or less
Audio Output 0 dB*, transformer-balanced
Distortion 1 % or less
Frequency Response 200 Hz - 15 kHz
S/N Ratio 55 dB or more
Microphone Unidirectional dynamic microphone with talk key, AGC (ON/OFF switchable),
microphone element failure detectable by using a built-in small oscillator
Volume Control Microphone volume control, Monitor speaker volume control
Connection Cable Shielded CPEV cable (each one pair of audio wire, data wire, monitor/control wire,
and power supply wire) or Shielded Category 5 twisted pair cable (CAT5-STP),
M3 screw terminal
Maximum Cable Distance 800 m (874.89 yd)
No. of Connectable Expansion Max. 5 units
Monitor Speaker Built inside
Operation Emergency key, Function keys, CPU switch, Reset switch
Indication Status indicators, Power indicator, Failure indicator, CPU indicator,
Selection indicators, Microphone indicator, Broadcast status indicator
Operating Temperature 0



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